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April 2015

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Announcing Newest Publication: T-SIPN

There has been an explosion of research in network systems of various types, including physical, engineered, biological and social systems. Its aim is to find answers to fundamental questions about the systems and with them be able to understand, predict, and control them better. To that end, a core area of work is signal and information processing over networks.More »

Member in the Spotlight: Sergios Theodoridis

In this series, we aim to introduce senior society members and other experts of the signal processing field. This month, we are happy to introduce Prof. Sergios Theodoridis, Professor of Signal Processing and Machine Learning in the Department of Informatics and…More »

What Should We Learn From…Building a Bionic Nervous System?

It ’s an electrifying time to be in neuroscience. Using implanted devices that send pulses of electricity through the nervous system, physicians are learning how to…More »

Recent Patents in Signal Processing (April 2015) – Wavelet analysis

For our April 2015 issue, we cover recent patents granted in the area of wavelet analysis. The section below covers patents granted recently for seismic data analysis, image stream compression, audio identification, continuous wavelet estimation, multidimensional…More »

Big data allows computer engineers to find genetic clues in humans

Computer scientists at Washington University in St. Louis’ School of Engineering & Applied Science analyzed a huge amount of data regarding an important protein and discovered its connection in human history as well as clues about its role in complex neurological diseases.More »

Activity Report from the IDSP-TC

With the explosive growth of 5G wireless technology development, signal processing techniques are playing more and more important roles in many aspects. As an industry-oriented technical committee of the IEEE Signal Processing Society, Industry DSP Technology Standing Committee (IDSP-SC) is actively promoting 5G technology from a practice and industry perspective. More »

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