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IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Signal Processing

The IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Signal Processing solicits special issues on topics that cover the entire scope of the IEEE Signal Processing Society, as outlined in the SPS Constitution, Article II:

"The Signal Processing Society's Field of Interest shall be the theory and application of filtering, coding, transmitting, estimating, detecting, analyzing, recognizing, synthesizing, recording, and reproducing signals by digital or analog devices or techniques. The term `signal' includes audio, video, speech, image, communication, geophysical, sonar, radar, medical, musical, and other signals."

IEEE Signal Processing Letters

The IEEE Signal Processing Letters is an electronic only, monthly archival publication designed to provide rapid dissemination of original, cutting-edge ideas and timely, significant contributions in all areas within the field of interest of the IEEE Signal Processing Society.

IEEE Signal Processing Magazine

IEEE Signal Processing Magazine publishes tutorial-style articles on signal processing research and applications, as well as columns and forums on issues of interest. Its coverage ranges from fundamental principles to practical implementation, reflecting the multidimensional facets of interests and concerns of the community. Its mission is to bring up-to-date, emerging and active technical developments, issues, and events to the research, educational, and professional communities. It is also the main Society communication platform addressing important issues concerning all members.

IEEE/ACM Transactions on Audio, Speech, and Language Processing

The IEEE/ACM Transactions on Audio, Speech, and Language Processing covers audio, speech and language processing and the sciences that support them. In audio processing: transducers, room acoustics, active sound control, human audition, analysis/synthesis/coding of music, and consumer audio. In speech processing: areas such as speech analysis, synthesis, coding, speech recognition, speaker recognition, speech production and perception, and speech enhancement. In language processing: speech understanding, spoken language dialog systems, translation, summarization and document retrieval, as well as general language modeling.

IEEE Transactions on Image Processing

The IEEE Transactions on Image Processing covers signal-processing aspects of image processing, imaging systems, and image scanning, display, and printing. Includes theory, algorithms, and architectures for image coding, filtering, enhancement, restoration, segmentation, and motion estimation; image formation in tomography, radar, sonar, geophysics, astronomy, microscopy, and crystallography; image scanning, digital half-toning and display, and color reproduction.

IEEE Transactions on Information Forensics and Security

The aim of the IEEE Transactions on Information Forensics and Security is to provide a unified locus for archival research on the fundamental contributions and the mathematics behind information forensics, information security, surveillance, and systems applications that incorporate these features.

IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing

The IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing is an internationally subscribed monthly journal which publishes advances in the theory and application of signal processing.

The scope mirrors the scope of the Society`s Field of Interest:The theory and application of filtering, coding, transmitting, estimating, detecting, analyzing, recognizing, synthesizing, recording, and reproducing signals by digital or analog devices or techniques. The term signal includes: audio, video, speech, image, communication, geophysical, sonar, radar, medical, musical, and other signals.

Inside Signal Processing e-Newsletter

The monthly Inside Signal Processing E-Newsletter complements the bi-monthly IEEE Signal Processing Magazine to serve the members in the IEEE Signal Processing Society (SPS) and reach out to signal processing professionals around the world. Through email notification and expanded coverage on its website, the E-Newsletter provides members with timely updates on society and technical committee news; conference and publication opportunities, new books, and Ph.D. theses; signal processing related research opportunities; and activities in industry consortia, local chapters, and government programs.

Signal Processing electronic Library (SPeL)

The IEEE Signal Processing electronic Library (SPeL) is a comprehensive electronic collection of more than 50 years of the IEEE Signal Processing Society's periodicals, which includes all four transactions and letters, newsletters, magazines, and technical proceedings of the two major Society conferences and of most workshops. IEEE SPeL also features four joint transactions, which the Society is a partner. The library collection is available on three DVD-ROMs. It has a search engine, which allows searches based on full-text, as well as searches by such fields as author, title, subject and date. The collection provides a comprehensive database, which contains information about the technical articles that are published in the Society's journals


Other Journals

IEEE Biometrics Compendium

The IEEE Biometrics Compendium is the first IEEE virtual journal, which is a collection of previously published IEEE papers in specific scientific and technical disciplines, paired with value-added commentary from technology experts.

IEEE Cloud Computing Magazine

The IEEE Cloud Computing Initiative is supporting the development of an integrated Cloud Computing publications suite consisting of transactions, magazine and letters publications formats. The new CCI publications initiatives aim to provide central publications foci for cloud related material. - See more at:

IEEE Computing in Science & Engineering Magazine

The IEEE Computing in Science and Engineering Magazine is a joint publication of the IEEE Computer Society and the American Institute of Physics. It covers computational science and engineering research for a broad range of technical fields.

IEEE Engineering Management Review

The Engineering Management Review, published since 1973, provides original articles, columnists, and reprints of articles from other publications related to the professional practice of engineering. Spanning a wide portfolio of topics in the management of engineering and technology, EMR provides its readers with the best articles drawn from the most highly regarded authors and journals.

IEEE Internet of Things Journal

The IEEE IoT Journal (IoT-J) is to be launched in 2014. The IEEE IoT-J will publish articles on the latest advances, as well as review articles, on the various aspects of IoT from open call and special issues. Topics will include IoT system architecture, IoT enabling technologies, IoT communication and networking protocols, IoT services and applications, and the social implications of IoT. Examples are IoT demands, impacts, and implications on sensors technologies, big data management, and future internet design for various IoT use cases, such as smart cities, smart environments, smart homes, etc.

IEEE Journal on Biomedical and Health Informatics

IEEE Journal of Biomedical and Health Informatics (J-BHI) publishes original papers describing recent advances in the field of biomedical and health informatics where information and communication technologies intersect with health, healthcare, life sciences and biomedicine. Papers must contain original content in theoretical analysis, methods, technical development, and/or novel clinical applications of information systems.

IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Applied Earth Observations and Remote Sensing

IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Applied Earth Observations and Remote Sensing (J-STARS) addresses current issues and techniques in applied remote and in situ sensing, their integration, and applied modeling and information creation for understanding the Earth. Applications are for the Earth, oceans and atmosphere. Topics include observations, derived information such as forecast data, simulated information, data assimilation and Earth information techniques to address science and engineering issues of the Earth system.

IEEE Life Science Letters

IEEE Life Sciences Letters (LSL), a new digital open access journal dedicated to the timely publication of high quality manuscripts that apply methods of quantitative analysis to biological problems at the molecular, cellular, organ, human and/or population levels. IEEE Life Sciences Letters focuses on shorter papers published with a quick turnaround, in contrast to traditional IEEE Transactions.

IEEE MultiMedia Magazine

IEEE MultiMedia Magazine serves the community of scholars, developers, practitioners and students who are interested in multiple media types, used harmoniously together, for creating new experiences. As such, it fills a lacuna that exists between several fields such as image processing, video processing, audio analysis, text retrieval and understanding, data mining and analysis and data fusion.

IEEE Reviews in Biomedical Engineering

R-BME will provide comprehensive reviews of engineering methodologies being developed at the frontiers of biomedical engineering. Sections will include: (1) Methodological Reviews: critical reviews of current methods important in biomedical engineering, understood in their most general sense. (2) Clinical Application Reviews: critical reviews of methods applied `to a current clinical problems, where biomedical technology is playing a crucial role. (3) In the Spotlight: a special column that will survey the most important advances in the EMBS areas within the last year.

IEEE Security & Privacy Magazine

IEEE Security & Privacy magazine provides articles with both a practical and research bent by the top thinkers in the field along with case studies, tutorials, columns, and in-depth interviews and podcasts for the information security industry.

IEEE Sensors Journal

The IEEE Sensors Journal is a peer-reviewed, monthly online, bimonthly print journal devoted to sensors and sensing phenomena. The Journal uses a web-based peer-review system that enables the entire review process to take place online. The editorial board consists of more than 50 internationally recognized experts, with a majority of editors from outside the USA. Wide circulation is assured because ~1000 libraries and >2000 individuals, worldwide, subscribe to the Journal. The topics of interest include all types of sensing: mechanical, thermal, optical, magnetic, radiation, microwave, chemical, biological, mass, etc., both on the macro and micro levels.

IEEE Technology Management Council Package

IEEE TMC - enabling technology professionals and managers to optimize their career opportunities and organizational effectiveness.

IEEE Transactions on Affective Computing

Affective Computing is the field of study concerned with understanding, recognizing and utilizing human emotions in the design of computational systems. Research in the area is motivated by the fact that emotion pervades human life – emotions motivate human behavior, they promote social bonds between people and between people and artifacts, and emotional cues play an important role in forecasting human mental state and future actions.

IEEE Transactions on Big Data

The IEEE Transactions on Big Data publishes peer reviewed articles with big data as the main focus. The articles will provide cross disciplinary innovative research ideas and applications results for big data including novel theory, algorithms and applications. Research areas for big data include, but are not restricted to, big data analytics, big data visualization, big data curation and management, big data semantics, big data infrastructure, big data standards, big data performance analyses, intelligence from big data, scientific discovery from big data security, privacy, and legal issues specific to big data. Applications of big data in the fields of endeavor where massive data is generated are of particular interest.

IEEE Transactions on Cloud Computing

The IEEE Transactions on Cloud Computing will publish peer reviewed articles that provide innovative research ideas and applications results in all areas relating to cloud computing.

IEEE Transactions on Computational Social Systems

IEEE Transactions on Computational Social Systems focuses on such topics as modeling, simulation, analysis and understanding of social systems from the quantitative and/or computational perspective. "Systems" include man-man, man-machine and machine-machine organizations and adversarial situations as well as social media structures and their dynamics.

IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management

The management sciences and technology applicable to individuals and organizations engaged in or overseeing the management of engineering or technology including: technology policy development, technology assessment, technology transfer, research, development, design, evaluation, production, commissioning, or decommissioning of technical, electrical or electronic equipment/systems and allied activities.

IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging

IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging encourages the submission of manuscripts on imaging of body structures, usually in situ, rather than microscopic biological entities. The journal publishes original contributions on medical imaging achieved by various modalities, such as ultrasound, X-rays (including CT), magnetic resonance, radionuclides, microwaves, and light. as well as medical image processing and analysis, visualization, pattern recognition, and related methods. Studies involving highly technical perspectives are most welcome. The journal focuses on a unified common ground where instrumentation, systems, components, hardware and software, mathematics and physics contribute to the studies.

IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing

The IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing focuses on the key technical issues related to (a) architectures, (b) support services, (c) algorithm/protocol design and analysis, (d) mobile environments, (e) mobile communication systems, (f) applications, (g) components, including devices, hardware, and software, (h) implementation issues, including interference, power, and software constraints of mobile devices, and (i) emerging technologies.

IEEE Transactions on Multimedia

The IEEE Transactions on Multimedia covers the breadth of research in multimedia technology and applications, including: circuits, algorithms and architectures, software design, synchronization, joint processing of multimedia/multimodal signals/data, compression, storage, retrieval, networking, multi-modality devices/systems.

IEEE Transactions on Network Science and Engineering

The IEEE Transactions on Network Science and Engineering (TNSE), is committed to timely publishing of peer-reviewed technical articles that deal with the theory and applications of network science and the interconnections among the elements in a system that form a network. In particular, the IEEE Transactions on Network Science and Engineering publishes articles on understanding, prediction, and control of structures and behaviors of networks at the fundamental level. The types of networks covered include physical or engineered networks, information networks, biological networks, semantic networks, economic networks, social networks, and ecological networks.

IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid

A joint publication of Computational Intelligence Society, Communications Society, Computer Society, Control Systems Society, Industry Applications Society, Industrial Electronics Society, Instrumentation and Measurement Society, Power Electronics Society, Power & Energy Society, Signal Processing Society. It is a cross-disciplinary and international archival journal aimed at disseminating the results of research on smart grid that relates to energy generation, transmission, distribution and delivery. The journal will publish original research on theories, technologies, design, policies, and implementation of smart grid. The Transactions will welcome manuscripts on design, implementation and evaluation of energy systems that include smart grid technologies and applications. Surveys of existing work on smart grid may also be considered for publication when they propose a challenging perspective on the future of such technologies and systems.

IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications

The IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications is a major archival journal which will be committed to the timely publication of very high-quality, peer-reviewed, original papers that advance the state-of-the art and applications of wireless communications.

IEEE Wireless Communications Letters

Publishes timely, novel and high-quality recent results on Wireless Communications in letter format. Wireless Communications Letters have a 4-page limit. The journal's goal is rapid dissemination of original, cutting-edge ideas and timely, significant contributions in the theory and applications of wireless communications.

IEEE Transactions on Cognitive Communications and Networking

IEEE Transactions on Molecular, Biological, and Multi-Scale Communications