Updated 11.11.2009
The Third International Workshop on Computational Advances in Multi-Sensor Adaptive Processing
Invited Session
Invited Sessions are intended to present important topics with the objective of providing Workshop attendees with information on current state of the art.

Monte-Carlo Methods
Chair: M. Bugallo

Compressed Sensing
Chair: Y. Eldar

Network Beamforming and Distributed Space-Time Coding
Chairs: A. Gershman and S. Shahbazpanahi

Tensor-based Signal Processing for Multi-Sensor Systems
Chair: M. Haardt

Adaptive Processing for Wireless Networks
Chairs: R. W. Heath and A. Lozano

Cognitive Radio
Chairs: G. Leus

MIMO Radar
Chair: M. Lops and M.S. Greco

Physics-based Signal Processing and Imaging
Chair: S. Nordebo and M. Gustaffson

Game Theory
Chair: D. Palomar

Network gossiping and distributed sensor processing
Chair: A. Scaglione

Approximate Joint Diagonalization
Chair: A. Yeredor

Robust Methods for SAM
Chair: A. Zoubir